Gestalt Psychotherapy


Pagaian Cosmology
Juliet Batten

Wilderness Practices

Joanna Macy
David Abram
Jamie McHugh


Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Susan Aposhyan
Ruella Frank
Roz Carroll
Linda Hartley
Antonio Damasio

Trauma Recovery

Improvisation and Play

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Latest Articles by Zjamal

Coming Close to Dying (Part Two)

In Gestalt the foundational touchstone of our work is contact. I am interested to support you make contact with the most perplexing, unnameable, mysterious parts of your existence. We can hold together the unknowing, the knowing without form, or understanding beyond thinking.

Coming Close to Dying (Part One)

Dying is an embodied process. It has recognisable stages, and a discernible progression. There is a perceivable pattern. No matter what you are dying from, your death process has a formation, a sequence experienced by all.

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