14 10, 2019

Length of time

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I suggest the need for commitment and patience in our work together. I invite you to pay attention to what happens in our sessions and to make time around the session to process and integrate experiences that have emerged in our work. I often give you particular activities for home practice, and I request that commit to those as well. Therapy isn’t a miracle cure, its about readiness, engagement and involvement. It depends on what you want from our work together, if you are focused on a particular outcome, or if you see it as a regular maintenance check up for your embodied being.

5 10, 2019

Frequency of sessions

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The first session I spend some time getting to know you, and learning about significant factors in your life. It is important to me as a Gestalt Psychotherapist to get to know something of your background, the fields that have shaped and influenced you. I try to make this conversation a warm-hearted telling of your many stories. I also want to know some of the risk factors, and so I will ask direct questions about your mental health history.

Coming to therapy once a week is ideal, but sometimes that is too much of a strain on your budget. Coming to therapy fortnightly means we will still have continuity. I am also available for brief intensives of more than one session per week.

When I have seen you for a time in a therapeutic relationship, then sessions can be negotiated for when you need them, or for intensive series of sessions for a short period of time.

18 09, 2019

What happens in a session?

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It is as simple as my Being With you. And that is no small thing. It is a specialised kind of contact. For you, it is the chance of Being With someone who is willing to go the distance. Who can touch into your deepest feelings with compassion. Who has the courage to explore the bewildering complexity of the confusion of it all without getting lost. I want to help you re-find your grace, humour, grit and self-belief.

What I can offer you is my faith in the process. I have accompanied many brave souls in daunting circumstances, crippled by self-doubt or shame, besieged by rage or despair, as they find their integration, acceptance, choice, openness, and self-love. I find it a great privilege to walk alongside you.

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