About this workshop

An invitation to begin the epic journey of rediscovery each of us can undertake, reclaiming in story and movement the sacredness and beauty of our cultural history as women.

In this voyage from prehistory to the present day we rediscover our intrinsic knowingness, the heritage of our lineage, and the powerful roles women have played since the beginning of time. We move through history through our own inner landscape, transforming the past into the present through dance, vision, poetry and ritual.

In this workshop we will explore chapters from a long story that remembers the lives of the first gardeners, female scribes, matrilineal queens, oracular priestesses, amazon warriors, the initiates of the mystery religions and the witches of the middle ages.

As we adventure into the lives of these women we find them within ourselves. We celebrate the magical process of memory and the mythopoeic power of our bodies. We make manifest the Goddess and remember who we are, dreaming anew the rich ancestry we have as women.

Dance the turn of the spiral
that intertwines myth and history
that honours the feminine in creation

The spiral that returns
the songs and names of the Goddess
in our lives now

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