About this workshop

In the spirit of play we bring to life our deepest stories and allow their magic to heal and connect us.

Join me and others as we weave our personal histories into shared intimate theatre. In this group process we access the transformative power of our stories and experience their sacredness. In an interactive and embodied way we explore parts of our lived experience for ourselves and for each other. We discover the unique life force of the presences and characters within our lives and return from the process with messages and content we have often forgotten. We explore the relational experiences that configure our stories, through movement, language and image. Expanding the connections between sensation and image, our senses and the space.

Our spontaneity taps into the emotive energy emerging from our images. Through the rituals of re-telling and re-entering our personal stories we move beyond the story into a remarkable transpersonal realm. We can be of service to one another in a very powerful way. These movement theatre processes explore the dynamics of the field and the interconnectedness of human beings, revealing how profoundly and deeply we can be there for each other.

A radically creative exploration of being and inter-being.

Sessions will include movement improvisation, writing, storytelling and the arts of listening and watching in deep solo processes, small group structures and whole group scores. Together we will co-create an atmosphere of respect, support, and playfulness.

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