About this workshop

Beginning by grounding all our experiences in the mythology of land, in the inner and outer terrains of memory and environment, we will define our working field in the spirit of place.

We will voyage into the rich relationship between our minds and our bodies, traveling the circular pathway between sensation and image. Inviting our imagination  to expand the choices we make in movement, we will use intuitive and associative processes that activate our physicality and open the poetic use of language and theatrical image.

We will allow the dynamics at play in collective improvising to move us into the landscape of the group imagination. As we learn to walk between the worlds, we dance and dream together in a continually shifting theatre of events. Directions might include non-narrative storytelling, archetypal imagery, shape-shifting and dream re-entry.

From deep solo work to group interaction, we will deepen our relationship to the wilderness, continuing to journey into territory we haven’t explored before, with our spontaneity as our guide and our group scores as our maps.

Modalities are moving, writing, sharing, story-telling, ritual and image composition. Sessions will include deep solo process, small group structures, and large group scores.

We will co-create a group atmosphere of support and sharing, where we witness and give feedback to each other. Our investigation includes performing for one another, the performance state as a gateway to other realities. There may be some site specific work.

This workshop is for dancers, theatremakers, and body based practitioners who are interested in how improvisation and a deep investigation of the imaginal can expand their craft. The work is grounded in our earth community, the continuum of human and non human worlds, and the moving dream that passes through all.

Zjamal offers flexible teaching packages that can be tailored to your needs. She brings to you the expertise of her 30 year international career. All of the courses outlined can also be offered in residential retreat settings and can be brought to your area nationally or internationally. Read More About Zjamal

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