About this workshop

An invitation to experience the wilderness and wisdom within our bodies.

We will practice listening deeply to ourselves and to each other, being willing to be moved, guided by our senses and our instincts. Our journeys will include movement, guided meditation, deep ecology practices, journaling, story-telling, personal and collective ritual. We will co-create an atmosphere of support where we witness, reflect, engage and interact with each other. All our voyages will be guided by our sense of play. As we explore nesting, migrating, homing and meandering we find our intrinsic connection to the patterns of nature, and the human place in the creativity of the Earth. In both new and familiar territory we will discover the spirit of place and the sacred sites in our bodies. We will ground our experiences in the mythology of land, in the inner and outer terrains of memory and environment.

This work is for anyone with the daring to believe that engaging the profound depth of our physicality is how we find right relationship to the Earth and all her creatures. As we awaken to the rapture and the rupture of the Earth, as we affirm the oneness of our body and our Earth, hear her story as our story, we begin to heal her suffering by healing ourselves

The land dreaming body awakening workshop encourages and teaches you to:

  • Get in touch with your inner self
  • Communicate with yourself and others with compassion and care
  • To Loosen up and connect to the body
  • To connect with your environment

Zjamal offers flexible teaching packages that can be tailored to your needs. She brings to you the expertise of her 30 year international career. All of the courses outlined can also be offered in residential retreat settings and can be brought to your area nationally or internationally. Read More About Zjamal

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