About this workshop

This workshop emphasises and deepens embodied experience as a primary way of knowing. Participants will be supported to attune and attend to their body process, becoming more sensitive to their own body’s structures, shapes, rhythms and textures. Cultivating somatic intelligence will deepen awareness and trust in our body’s wisdom. As we develop our sensory perceptions and kinaesthetic responses, we refine how we contact ourselves, and others. As we become more articulate in how the body expresses our experience, we can more accurately perceive what is going on for another.

We will learn essential skills to support our clients to be congruent and authentic in the full embodiment of their experience. We will apply a phenomenological and developmental approach as a diagnostic tool and as an integral part of treatment. In the therapeutic relationship our own embodied presence facilitates the regulating of client’s process within the interpersonal dialogue. We will find the presence of the body as the foundation of all therapeutic processes and discover the subtle potency of somatic interventions.

Zjamal offers flexible teaching packages that can be tailored to your needs. She brings to you the expertise of her 30 year international career. All of the courses outlined can also be offered in residential retreat settings and can be brought to your area nationally or internationally. Read More About Zjamal

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