About this workshop

This is an experiential course where we will co-create safe and sacred space.
We will learn the different elements and essential steps that make up a ritual, and experience how we can get profound support from the magic of our environment. We will discover through colour, sound, scent and symbol how to be guided by our imagination and led by our senses. As we begin creating our own rituals we bring focus and intention into the meaning of our personal life.

Workshop outcomes

The creating personal ritual workshop encourages and teaches you to:

  • Empower your True Self
  • Vitalize Life Passages and Personal Transitions
  • Ground Yourself in Nature
  • Come back to Your Senses

By inviting ritual into our life we can open the gateway to a deeper experience of ourself and reclaim the enchantment that is our natural birthright

Zjamal offers flexible teaching packages that can be tailored to your needs. She brings to you the expertise of her 30 year international career. All of the courses outlined can also be offered in residential retreat settings and can be brought to your area nationally or internationally. Read More About Zjamal

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