Embodied Presence Workshop 1

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Course Overview:

This 8 day course will introduce the important role of embodied awareness both for living and for being a therapist. Broken up into 4 x 2-day clinics over the year, we will experience how our embodied self is what creates authentic presence.

We will:

  • Cultivate a sophisticated level of embodiment, and through specific somatic modalities discover how deeply intelligent and responsive our bodies are in interaction.
  • Explore observing, facilitating, witnessing and resonating as embodied skills, and look diagnostically at the organisation of systems within a person.
  • Enrich the repertoire of how we make contact by embracing the many textures and rhythms of our different functional systems.

The work is a synthesis of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Somatic Practices, and Relational approaches. It draws upon the philosophical legacy of Phenomenology and the advances in Neurobiology that have influenced contemporary psychotherapy practice.

The physiological knowledge is based in her BA honours degree in somatics and movement education and her further studies with worldwide leaders in the field.

Day 1 : Module 1/8 – Ways & Paths

Introducing Embodiment Practice and the essential steps of Opening, Allowing, Engaging, Expressing, Contacting, Resting. We will cultivate how to listen and attune to the sensations within our experience and to fully allow them expression through us. We will practice several scores that facilitate our embodied experience. In these specific practices we bypass our habitual cognitive dominance of the body process and learn how to invite something else. Our whole body’s creative participation in all our experiences, found in the many textures, rhythms, states, systems and perceptions at play within us. These skills are an energetic mapping of movement shifts in response to what we want and need in the moment. They can become the ground of how we experience ourselves and those we work with. The body teaches us how to be in the present with potency, clarity and creativity.

Day 2: Module 2/8 – Boundaries and Fields

We will also explore our co-created fields, our empathic resonance, the embodied experience of empathy. An exploration of how we influence and interact with one another in the between, through the intelligence of our autonomic nervous system and our senses. Our sense perceptions precede our contact with others and our world and contain vital information. We will explore how the skin tells us far more than we realise about our situation. We will learn specific touch techniques and see how touch can become a map to support internal transformation. We will discover how our skin defines our boundaries in subtle yet highly perceptive ways and is a powerful resource.


This course is made up of 4 clinics over the year this being the first of 4.
We highly recommend that you enrol in all 4 workshops if you can so that you experience the full 8 module course. However you can book individual workshops as well. Limited spaces.

Zjamal Xanitha interview from info EATA on Vimeo.

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