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1 05, 2023

Good Form: The Artistry Of Creating Self

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Becoming a beauty-full person rests on an artistry of selfhood that takes both practice and discipline. We don’t arrive in life fully formed with mature awareness and elegance in contact. Over our life span we refine how we relate to others and how we relate to ourselves.

1 10, 2019

From Survival Responses to Relief

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Do you think your nervous system has become dysregulated?

Do you feel too much, or too little?

Notice yourself zoning out or getting panicky frequently?

Our nervous system is an amazingly sensitive radar, continually tuning in to see if we are being received, scanning to see if we are safe. When we are with others, particularly those we care about, our nervous system is constantly reading them to find out if they are with us. It has an amazing ability to pick up the tiniest data and to respond, resonate, adapt or react. This process has been part of human nature and communication since the beginning. These very instincts are what enabled people to survive and evolve as a species.

The dangers we encounter nowadays are of a very different nature. But they do happen. When you go through an experience that you feel you can barely manage, where your safety is threatened, physically or psychologically, your nervous system is primed to protect you. When we have to endure a traumatising event, our nervous system will do whatever it takes to get you through. And if you are reading this, it did it for you. That is its mandate. But perhaps at some cost to you. Most of us don’t know how to recognise and release this primal energy. Because most of us don’t have an off button for our nervous system responses, we can remain easily triggered.

Unfinished Defence Responses

Afterwards, it can be as if

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