Movement Meditation
Open up to the enormous beauty, wisdom and healing potential of your body!

These classes are an invitation to return to your  natural body intelligence and to experience your soul expressing itself in your body.

There will be exercises and structures to do alone , in partners,  and together as a group; sometimes with music and sometimes in silence. We will learn to trust our authenticity and integrity in both stillness and motion and find our own instinctive balance of mind, body and spirit. The classes will include movement explorations, deep relaxation and imagery techniques, hands on bodywork, meditation and movement rituals.

We will co-create an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement, and respect. At times we will enter the profound depth that is born out of our inner movement explorations. Movement as a meditation to heal yourself, and to support one another in our personal and collective transformations.


2009 Zjamal Xanitha