Embodied Gestalt

In this workshop we take time to listen deeply to our bodies, becoming more sensitive and articulate in how they express our experiences.

By cultivating our body based intelligence we deepen our awareness and our trust in our body’s wisdom. We discover the continual flow of thoughts, feelings, sensations and energies being elegantly expressed by our body. We can refine our sensory perceptions and instinctual responses to make true contact with ourselves and others. We will explore how we digest our experiences, how our inspiration is found in the breath rhythm, how our bones give form to our ideas and beliefs, how we mobilise our energy through the pathways of the body.

If we fully embody ourselves we radiate our authentic experience to our world, to our partners, families, friends, and our clients. In the therapeutic relationship our own embodied presence facilitates a deepening of the energetic intra-interpersonal dialogue. Including the creativity of our body as the foundation of our life process brings us more truly in to the here and now.

2009 Zjamal Xanitha