Artistic Statement
Teaching Philosophy
Therapeutic Approach

Teaching Philosophy

In my work as a facilitator and educator it is important to me to expand my students' ability to perceive in a way which develops sensitivity and adds depth. I employ techniques which access the deep inner awareness in subtle physiological states toward an integration of mind, body and spirit. As dance artists or movement researchers, I invite my students to experience the body itself as their primary material, they learn to craft and compose from it's eloquent transformative power. By harvesting language and image as resources for movement I seek to give my students access to deeply embodied poetic states. Inside the creative process they come to honour, respect and celebrate themselves and their connection to the Earth of which they are a part. They experience first hand the continuum between their body and the body of the world. Together, we develop deep body wisdom and a playful sense of the profound applications of improvisation to life itself.







2009 Zjamal Xanitha