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What the critics have said about ZX's performance work

I had to respect not only her dancers' stamina but also their courage. Theirs was no simple exploration. Yet they never avoided exposing and revealing themselves. She creates her dancework as the expression of the inner landscape of the soul. And this is, after all, what dance should ultimately be. Zjamal Xanitha has dedicated herself to intricate, painful yet beautiful dancemaking.

Ruimte, Amsterdam Holland


"Strong images and electricity shooting from the dancers. Moments of unity and power that make you sit up straight!"

Notes Maandblad Theatre Dance and Mime, Amsterdam , Holland


"dance, the spirit, the narrative, the personal, the dreamworld. She carves out a richly poetic and essential domain."

Movement Research Journal , New York , USA


"Xanitha's Third River Crimson was an evocation of spirit. I found it mesmerising and intoxicating."

Capital Times, Wellington , New Zealand


"Her movement is alternately ritualistic and expressive, erotic and ephemeral."

The Evening Post, Wellington , New Zealand


"she comes from a deep place, both personal and spiritual.... both heartfelt and revealing"

Realtime , Australia .

2009 Zjamal Xanitha