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Client Feedback

Zjamal skillfully, ethically and with enormous integrity leads me to moments of self realization that stay with me, reminding me to honour all of who I am.
Naomi, 45 Massage Therapist

Zjamal’s support and encouragement have shifted my energy and I work on my issues in a more creative way these days. Learning how to create my own rituals has made a big impact on my life.
Ally, 31 School Teacher

Zjamal’s insight has gently led me to a place of empowerment and clarity. I have gained deep self knowing from our sessions.
Jeanie, 53 Community Cultural Development

Through Zjamal’s companionship - her generosity of spirit, compassion, poetic insight and wisdom – my journey became safe, simple and clear. Her guidance revealed the light in my dark night of the soul. I now have the courage to live me. To my own wonderment I discovered a strength in myself that had seemed unreachable.
Holly, 48 PhD Candidate

Zjamal’s sessions have enabled me to find a strength, clarity, creativity and expression that I’d previously only dreamed of.
Steven, 49 Company Director

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