Therapeutic Approach
Movement Processes

Therapeutic Approach

I believe we all have the ability to follow our own inner guidance and to find our personal truth. And, it can be helpful to seek professional counsel to help ourselves stay faithful to our path. The journey of the soul often takes turns or leads us through terrain we don’t expect. My role as a therapist is to help you see your situation more clearly and to find out how you are part of it. I believe we are who we are in every action. A therapy session is a special kind of contact, a way of being truly met as who you are, with unconditional trust for your process.

What happens in a session?
Together we make precious time for you to tell your story and to truly be heard. I will encourage you to listen to the creativity in any process you are involved in. I may invite you to bypass your habitual way of seeing or experiencing yourself and to allow something different to emerge. I bring a quality of attention and depth of understanding to your personal process and I have reverence for how your soul expresses itself in your personal images. We will explore the key themes of your self development with sensitivity, curiosity, passion and playfulness, drawing upon the wealth of resources I have available from my 30 years as a professional artist. My extensive background in movement and body based therapies supports the bodily experience and somatic awareness that underlies all our personal transformations.

My Commitment to you
I am committed to working in a way that is respectful, non-intrusive and serves your self empowerment. I offer my respect for the unique journey of your soul in your body. I honour that all our processes are part of nature and are guided by the wisdom of the Earth.

2009 Zjamal Xanitha